Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love for relationships? or Relationships for Love?

Which do you choose to face? --> A person that you hate or a pile of work that you hate. You hate both. In fact, I guess most of us would rather choose to deal with your work instead of deal with a person whom you hate. Why do we have such kind of reaction? Relationship problem is always the most most headache problem in our lives. Why is this so? Life is about relationship! What am I going to share with you here is about relationship- more specifically is interpersonal relationship.

How do you rate your relationship with your family, your friends, your life partner, your roommate, your enemy, coursemates, etc... ? To build up a good relationship with a person, it requires time. The more the time you spend with someone, the relationship between you and the other party will grow stronger. You may have been spending most of the day with your coursemate, yet deep in your heart, you like non of them. You may have been spending just a few minutes with your the one you love, but you hunger for more time with them. Up to this point, you may start to feel that you are wrecked in your lives. Because you are spending most of your time with someone that you actually don't like to spend time with. But due to other reason, you forget about that and you continue to be in certain group of people, or with someone whom you don't like. May be you will say that if I don't be with them, I have no one else to accompany me...

Well, as I mentioned before, life = time, if you are spending time with a person, that means you are using up a part of your life on that person. So, we can say that relationship= time. and thus, life= relationship. Don't get piss off by these equations, think about it and you will understand some truth. You may start to think that it's so unworthy that you have wasted so much of your life on someone that you don't like. You feel regret. Or may be you are still okay with this kind of situations because you are still beneficial in these kind of relationships, like you can get better recognition from the public, you can get exam tips, or you feel high- graded when you are in certain group.

Let's go back to some basic things. Relationship problems emerges due to hatred, jealousy, dissapointment, ego, unforgiveness, etc. Why do we have relationship porblem with the others? In oriental chinese philosophy, Confucius mentioned 5 relationships, the ruler and those being ruled, parents and children, couples, friends, and lastly is relationship between siblings. And in this philosophy, relationships is held by the 8 virtues emphasized by Confucius. This is right in certain stage. But it's still lack of something.

I guess everyone of you will agree that all relationships need to be held with love. The more love we give out in a relationship, that relationship means more to us. No true relationship can last without love. The relationship that last without love is a relationship of what we call "gain- and- lost" relationship. That kind of relationship will break when one party can no longer be beneficial to another party. In short, the essence of relationship is "love".

To have good relationship with others, we need to return to the source of love. That means we need to deal our relationship with the source of love first before we can deal our relationship with the others. So what's or who's the source of love and how one can have a good relationship with this source of love? I will continue to discuss this next time. To be continued...

By, @pple~

Friday, August 14, 2009

Goal vs Purpose, which one are you achieving?

Think of these questions deeply... Are you satisfied with your current life??? What really satisfy you? In the midst of busyness in your life, what are you trying to achieves... In your list, you may have several goals to achieve in your lives, such as obtaining a degree, to be able to perform well in your career, to have a better self- image, all in all we are actually trying to make effort to make people feel that we are good, we can do well, we are excellent! But, let's pause here and think about this, behind all your goals and target, what are the purposes of achieving them??? A purpose and a goal are totally two different things. A goal is what you want to do whereas a purpose is why you need to do that, the reasons behind your ultimate goals.. Ponder about this before proceed...

Life in campus is busy, especially in this more and more modernized era. University students need not only to excel in their accademic but also to be equally good in their soft- skills, eg. communicating skills, presentation skills, management, leadership, etc. Students are really going towards these, they are looking forwards to enhance themselves, to be able to stand firm in this highly competitive community. Therefore, they start to taking part in all sorts of events, trying to squeeze in any group of peers, to acquire good leadership skills etc. Whenever they see a chance for them, they can never let go. They feel happy that they are being able to be inside certain 'high- graded' organizations, can speak loud in a group, being ceritfied for contributing in certain things.... etc... Well, all in all, let's ponder about this... What are you searching for? Why do you need to do all these? What if you are not doing this? May be some of them will say that, if I do not do this, I don't find it secure for my future. Is this the truth or a lie? Is that your goal or a purpose?

Life in campus can be monotonous if there is no entertainment. I guess most of you agree with this. " I can't survive without internet!" Ask yourselves, is this a fact that reflects your thinking? In this 21st century, entertainment that human are searching for is much more different from ages ago... We look for more and more exciting stuffs which fill up our free time. We go partying, gaming, facebooking, shopping, uncertain dating.... just to name a few. What if all these are gone suddenly? Just like ages ago, there is no such things call internet, no party..... no FUN! Well, if this really happen, may be most of us will start to think of " how should I fill up my free time... and the life in the middle of jungle... oh no.. Life is no longer an enjoyment". Well, I am not saying that all these are not worth doing but I am just trying to give you to have a picture about what we have now and what if we don't have these. So, thinking back to the same question, why do you need all these? What is the purpose behind all these?

In fact, humans' desire is infinite... No things on this earth can actually fill up our infinite desires. We want to be respected by many people, to feel valuable in a group, to have more money, more attention from others, more fun, more excitement... Actually, all our doings in our daily lives reflected what we are trying to search for. Make an evaluation on how you spend your time in everyday's life. Which activity that make you spend most time means for you. You are concerned with that thing. You may have being controlled by that thing. In the midst of busyness, why not pause a moment to ponder about this question... "What am I trying to achieve?" "Why am I doing this?". By answering this question, you will know what is the MEANING behind your acts.

Your time = your life. Life is short. If you find out that all the doings in your daily basis are actually meaningless (You don't know why you need to do that), why not stop doing that and start to search for something that has a meaning and that really satisfy you?

You can have many goals in your life, but what are the meaning or purposes behind all these goals? Are you just achieving goals that without a purpose? I would rather choose a life that I do things with a significant purpose.

By, @pple

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

@pple's 1st Post...

Wuhu.... Aloha... Recently feeling rejoiced and so @pple makes her 1st post here.  

Woah, everyone seems tensed as tests are around the corner.  Meche is even "geng", 3 tests on Friday... so @pple wish everyone who is having tests, "Good Luck" and "God bless"... Remember to rest well and stay healthy!  

Life is short, so Live It Full Everyday (=LIFE)- don't get too busy with life until you forget the real meaning and purpose of it!!!!   : )))


Haha, hello again peeps.

So long no update, cause quite busy recently. I am fine and alive and kicking in UTP. 

Feeling well, healthy and in a positive mood. Same goes to Pau too. She is getting a little bit fatter...hahaha

A little only....

Good la, now we are doing more works together in UTP. CM, PHP and maybe our own PING PONG CLUB wahahahaha..need to find people to get some proposal to submit...

Mixing well with Molly them too...We always eat together at v5...

Ok la, tomorrow got exam, must stop now. 

I will update during mid sem break.



Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A fresh start.

Once again, hello peeps. A late Happy New Year 2009 to all and welcome back to UTP. Well, we are sorry for not keeping the blog update during the holidays; never mind about that. We are very happy to share that we did enjoy ourselves with the December's holiday. Things are getting pretty smooth and works out as we planned. A lot more of adaptations need to be done in the new semester for us. I need to get used to the new study environment, far apart from my friends currently and of course personal time management. Frankly speaking, I lost too much in my academics due to poor time management for the last semester. I will try my very best to sleep and study. I hope this semester will be a better semester for self improvement and boosting my self confidency with the help of God, friends and foes. As for JionSean, she excel in her academic and co-curiculum as usual. We truelly hope that she will keep on performing in her study and builds up better social relationships with the help of God too. Currently, we are paying our full commitment to the Campus Ministry, we are planning the activities for the new semester, so guys stay tuned as there are lots more fun activities await for you just around the corner. Thanks Lord that, all the commitee members are very helpful and work as a team building up a Christian society and unite us all. No photos will be upload in this post. See you soon!